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Ella Buckman

My name is Ella and I am pleased that you are considering a health coaching collaboration with me! If you are seeking a healthier lifestyle for yourself or your family, and you need motivation to meet specific needs such as meeting your exercise goals, making better food choices, reducing stress, better sleep, clearer skin, more energy, etc…, I can help! My specialty is plant-based foods.

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I became absolutely fascinated with the idea that healthy lifestyle can prevent or lower the risk of chronic disease, and contribute to a better quality of life, after reading the book “Fit for Life” by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond several years ago. The book inspired me to make my first trip to a health and nutrition store.

From there I immediately changed my eating habits, and I read every free magazine I could find on health, as well as several books on health and nutrition. I wanted to learn more about how I could take control of my health to prevent disease. “Minor” health issues that I had also went away (including allergies to certain foods).

My enthusiasm spilled over into my work life as an accountant, and my co-workers started asking me questions about health and nutrition, and even incorporated some of my ideas into their lifestyle habits, including drinking more water, eating vegetable sandwiches and salads made with tofu and rich, dark leafy green vegetables. They would ask me if they could try my lunch salads, and then later tell me how great they felt after eating it.

I started doing individual health coaching through the local health food store, and I did some lectures and vegan cooking classes at the nutrition store, at church and at the local chapter of EarthSave. I made the decision to go forward with turning my passion into a career by becoming a certified health coach so I can help others make healthy lifestyle changes to live the best they can be! The Dr. Sears program is fun, informative, scientific and evidence-based.

Your body hears everything your mind says.

Naomi Judd